“What if everyone on Earth felt trusted, respected, valued, and heard?” with Kevin Hancock

This week I am truly humbled to be welcoming Kevin Hancock to the show!

Kevinis an award-winning author, speaker, and CEO. Hancock Lumber Company, one of America’s oldest family businesses, is fully integrated across the forest products and building materials industries. Headquartered in Casco, Maine since 1848, the company is represented by its 565 employees who lead the activity of the business across 9 retail stores, 3 sawmills and a truss plant. The company also grows trees on 12,000 acres of timberland.

Hancock Lumber is a seven-time consecutive recipient of the ‘Best Places to Work in Maine’ award. The company is also a recipient of the Maine Family Business of the Year Award, the Governor’s Award for Business Excellence, the MITC ‘Exporter of the Year’ award, and the Pro-Sales National Dealer of the Year Award.

In this episode, Kevin and I chat about how important organizational culture is. At his company, it’s their mission to maximize the employee experience, which in turn ensures that the customer has a good experience. He makes it a point that “Organizations get what they prioritize” (note: that’s different than “what they measure”), and proposes that perhaps the reason 67% of employees report feeling disengaged is because their organizations don’t prioritize making their work experience enjoyable. Kevin also outlines his philosophy of ensuring people feel trusted, respected, valued, and heard… which may be my first tattoo! 🙂

Kevin’s contact info:

Company website: https://www.hancocklumber.com/

Personal website: https://kevindhancock.com/

Company LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hancock-lumber/

Kevin’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-hancock-6bb0501a1/

WATCH THIS! Direct link to Kevin’s TED talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnwCOSA5SPI

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