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With the right skills, your team can meet the needs of an ever-changing customer marketplace.

New England Lean Consulting is an approved training provider for several state and utility-funded grant programs that can help you defer the costs of adopting Lean, Six Sigma and Quality Management Systems into your organization.

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All of New England

NETAAC (New England Trade Adjustment Assistance Center) was formed to aid New England manufacturing companies that have been negatively impacted by import trade. Qualifying businesses receive financial assistance through a cost-sharing model that helps to fund business-building consulting projects, such as the Lean events lead by New England Lean Consulting. Funding is provided by the U.S. Economic Development Administration, under the Department of Commerce. Click the link below to learn more about this fantastic resource!




In 2014, the Connecticut Legislature approved a $30 million Connecticut Manufacturing Innovation Fund. To help keep pace with state-of-the art product development and manufacturing technology, the Manufacturing Innovation Fund Voucher Program provides companies with access to the expertise they need to become more efficient, productive, and profitable. Lean events lead by New England Lean Consulting are eligible under this program. Click the link below to learn more!

Connecticut Manufacturing Innovation Fund

New England Lean Consulting is proudly an approved PRIME contractor for Eversource! Typically, access to specialized Lean training has often been limited to very large businesses that have the resources to invest. Now, through support from Eversource and EnergizeCT, the PRIME program makes Lean training accessible to more manufacturers. Besides reducing costs and streamlining your operations, you’ll be taking steps to determine your energy future. New England Lean Consulting is an approved PRIME contractor for Eversource. Click the link below to learn more about the program, and to check your eligibility!

CT PRIME Program



The Maine-at-Work Initiative was founded to help employers and job seekers learn of the many resources available to them. Click the link below to learn more!

Maine-at-Work Initiative



The Workforce Training Fund Program (WTFP) helps address business productivity and competitiveness by providing resources to Massachusetts businesses to fund training for current and newly hired employees. While available to businesses of all sizes, the WTFP focuses on small to medium-sized businesses that would not be able invest in improving employee skills without the assistance of the Fund. New England Lean Consulting is approved to provide services under this agreement. Clink the link below to learn more!

Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund


New Hampshire

The $2 million Job Training Fund is an innovative asset to New Hampshire’s economic development strategy. At its core, the fund enables businesses throughout the State to stay competitive in an increasingly global marketplace through improving the skills of current workers, as well as individuals who seek better career opportunities in a constantly changing economy.
The Job Training Fund offers employers and New Hampshire workers new and innovative ways to learn to compete and thrive. New England Lean Consulting can provide training to your organization under this program. Click the link below to learn more!

NH Job Training Fund


Rhode Island

In today’s economy, employers often need to train and re-train their current workers in order to remain competitive. When workers lack necessary skills; an employer’s ability to expand and grow may be compromised. The Governor’s Workforce Board Incumbent Worker Training Grant (IWTG) Program, funded by the state Job Development Fund,1 addresses this issue. The IWTG Program was created for the purpose of providing grant funding for continuing education, training, and upskilling of incumbent employees at existing Rhode Island employers. Click the link below to learn more!

Governor’s Workforce Board IWT



The VTP partners with employers and training providers to train Vermont’s employees for the jobs of tomorrow. VTP provides performance based workforce grants for: pre-employment training, training for new hires and incumbent workers. Training can either be on-site or through a training provider/vendor. Click the link below to learn more!

Vermont Training Program