We are very happy to have partnered with New England Lean Consulting. Their diverse background and expertise in Lean techniques enabled them to develop a customized training program for our team. They brought a fresh perspective that made it possible for them to connect with employees unlike other firms we’ve worked with. They engage with every employee and focus on working smarter to improve efficiency, while making work easier and more enjoyable. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them in the years to come!

Jeff Hadley
SVP Iwaki America

We’ve had the New England Lean consultants as our coaches for years, and really can’t say enough about the work they do. They’ve helped lead numerous changes within our organization, and with their leadership we’ve increased Sales & improved EBITDA while simultaneously reducing lead times and lowering costs. The best part? Our customers and our employees have never been happier. They’re more than just outside help, they’re part of our family.

Larry Vincent
President Parts Tool & Die

Dealing with (New England Lean Consulting) has been a breath of fresh air over our experiences with previous consultants!

Barbara Grimes
Manager of QA and Regulatory Affairs

I wanted to offer my sincerest thanks and congratulations to you for helping us achieve both ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification. For PMD this is an incredibly important achievement, and provides us with the foundation we need to continue to compete in our rapidly evolving industry.

Chuck Lewin
CEO Performance Motion Devices

We hired New England Lean to assist us with our manufacturing operations to increase throughput and decrease costs, as we’re in a variety of very competitive markets. We decided to go with them because all of their people have real-world experience, and we couldn’t be happier. Not only are our costs down, but we actually increased output in one area by almost 3x! Their expertise and industry connections are worth their weight in gold!

Chris Garvey
General Manager

Paul ably met our time schedule, quickly grasped our culture and needs on-site. He delivered great advice and product that helped this key project gain us new and stronger business.

Eric Lapp
Compliance Manager, KALOW Technologies

We greatly appreciate the support of New England Lean Consulting in solving this issue. Their knowledge of lean process and continuous improvement pushed our administrative team to think beyond their educational training to solve this complex issue.

Brian Greenleaf
Director of Finance and Operations, Ellington Public Schools

We are happy to have hired New England Lean Consulting to help us with some of our New Product Introduction (NPI) process challenges. They went well beyond where a typical consultant would, and really helped us solve some complex problems that we had in our process.

Bill Valls
Director of Engineering

New England Lean has improved our entire business from start to finish. From the way we process work to the floor to our Quality Control methods, they stripped out the parts that we didn’t need and improved the parts that we did. Thanks Paul!

Louis Goins
Plant Manager, Thomas Precision Tech.

New England Lean Consulting provided customized training, process mapping, analysis, layout enhancement and implementation to one of our production departments.  Thanks to Paul we have been able to streamline our operations within that department. In addition, we had significant set up reduction. New England Lean Consulting was an excellent choice for our company and we look forward to partnering with them again.

Rebecca Karabin-Ahern
Co-President, ACME-Monaco Corp