The New England Lean Collaborative is a member-driven Lean consortium dedicated to connecting member organizations who are interested in improving their organizational health.

Driven by our members’ needs, we offer our members numerous learning and networking opportunities to help increase their knowledge of abilities to practice operational excellence.

Why Join a Consortium?

There are many benefits to joining a Lean Consortium:

  • To continuously improve yourself and your organization
  • To grow your network
  • To be supported and mentored along your Lean journey by peers and colleagues
  • To share your passion, successes, and failures with others as we all learn together

For us here at the New England Lean Collaborative, it’s all of this and more. By building a network of like-minded organizations, we seek to improve operations at organizations throughout New England while simultaneously offering opportunities to share, learn and grow with each other. A rising tide lifts all boats!

What’s Included in the Membership?

There are many benefits to joining a Lean Consortium, some of which include:

Go to Gemba Tours

Seeing is believing!

With the NELC “Go to the Gemba” tours, you’ll have the opportunity to tour member sites to review what they’ve done/are doing with Lean, ask questions, offer ideas and benchmark best practices.

See Schedule of Events for more details!

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CEO Circles

With the state of work today, we’re usually so busy working in our business that we don’t make the time to work on our business.

That’s where the NELC CEO Circles come in. Once you’re approved, you’ll join a small group of other business leaders that meet 1x/month to speak openly, honestly and confidentially about the state of your operation. You’ll be able to seek advice, bounce ideas off each other and discuss trending topics pertinent to your current state. Each meeting is facilitated by a representative from New England Lean Consulting.

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Members Only Area and Discounts

As a member of the New England Lean Collaborative, you’ll enjoy benefits that no one else does:

Access to our Members Only area, which includes:

  • Exclusive download access to valuable templates and guides that can aid you along your Lean journey,
  • Access to training videos and How To tutorials that are accessible 24/7/365,
  • Exclusive, members-only Facebook and LinkedIn groups,
  • Access to Lean and Operational Excellence resources and lists of Members/Associate Members,
  • A 10% discount on all New England Lean Consulting services (Gold Membership Level only. Grant projects are not eligible for discount.)

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Lean Book Club

There are so many great resources to learn more about Lean, it can be difficult to know where to start.

With the NELC Lean Book Club, we sift through those resources for you, and identify the latest and greatest resources to learn from. Each cohort will be limited in the number of members it encompasses so we can make sure everyone gets to contribute. We’ll choose a book to read together, assigning chapters for each week, and we’ll meet virtually to discuss the finer points of what we just read. The final meeting of each cohort will include the author of the book we just read (as available). Each meeting is facilitated by a representative from New England Lean Consulting.

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Grow Your Network

In Lean & Continuous Improvement, we talk a lot about Value Added operations.

By becoming a member of the NELC, you’ll gain access to folks you may never have met otherwise! By joining forces, trading contact information and developing new relationships, as a group we’ll be able to all Learn, Share and Grow together!

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What does it cost?

Number of Employees included in MembershipAnnual Membership Dues
1-5   (Bronze Level)$2,000
6-10 (Silver Level)$3,500
11-20 (Gold Level)$6,500
Individuals (1)$750


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