Reflections, Metrics and Goal Setting – How to use the past to shape your future

In this episode, Paul talks about using history to decide what to “do different” moving forward. Focus on the Positive, Encourage your Team, and don’t only focus only on the metrics… they only tell part of the story.

When Goal Setting, use data and facts to help guide you. Don’t simply say “I want to grow the business by X%”. HOW will you do that? WHAT specific, small steps, will you take to get there? WHEN do you want to review your progress? WHO is going to help you, because you can’t do it on your own.

As we wind down a difficult 2020, it’s vitally important to make sure we’ve got clarity ahead into 2021 – at least as much as we can. What did we do right, and where could we improve? And while it’s important to have a strategy – that’s a long term goal. Not unlike New Year’s Resolutions – we sometimes get so focused on the end result (which is often a bigger goal) that we forget the small changes we need to make to get us there.

Thank you all for coming along with us on this journey – to our guests, who all said “yes” when they didn’t have to; to our listeners who have helped keep us motivated to keep going, to Emma Critchley for lending her genius editing skills while being a straight-A student, dancing in 8 dance classes and teaching 3 more; and to Jeremy Grant and the team at the Timber Cross for our totally kick-ass intro video and continuous support in answering all of my newbie questions. I appreciate you all!

We’ve got some amazing things coming in 2021 – a new book about Lean and Leadership, a revamped YouTube channel that will bring you even more and better content, an improved, easier to navigate website, and a cadre of wicked interesting podcast guests for Season 2! I can barely wait! Mad love to you all!