Delving into what Lean is truly all about with Bruce Hamilton

This week our guest is Bruce Hamilton, the President of GBMP and my friend. Bruce is also Director Emeritus for the Shingo Institute, home of the Shingo Prize, and is a Senior Examiner for the Shingo Prize and a Certified Shingo Institute workshops Facilitator. Bruce is a past recipient of the Shingo Prize in both […]

Heather Stagl

This week I’m super excited to welcome Heather Stagl to the show! Since 2009, Enclaria founder Heather Stagl has equipped individuals and teams to influence change at work. Through individual coaching, team facilitation, and training programs, she helps people make a bigger impact with less frustration. Heather is the author of “99 Ways to Influence […]

The Fallacy of “Lean Transformation Failure” Rates

After having a couple people reach out to seek clarification about comments I’ve made on the podcast, I thought recording a Bonus episode would be a good idea to help present my thoughts… You see, I don’t believe in a high percentage of “Lean Transformation Failure”. Those who claim such things are often employing the […]

Leading from the Heart with Mark C. Crowley

This week we chat with someone I really admire; Mark C. Crowley. His approach to, and views on, leadership are paradigm-shifting. I have so much respect for Mark, and I was beyond honored that he agreed to come on the podcast. He truly embodies what it means to “Lead From the Heart”. Mark C. Crowley […]

Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn with Katie Anderson

For our inaugural episode, my guest is Katie Anderson. In this episode, Katie and I talk about her new book Learning to LEAD, Leading to LEARN; what the authoring process was like, and how important story-telling is to the Lean movement and helping drive understanding and adoption. It was a great interview, and the perfect […]


We’re so excited to bring you this podcast! We’ve got an amazing lineup of guests that we’re eager to chat with: Thought-leaders, authors, professors, TED Talkers and even a former Navy SEAL! We’ll be talking primarily about change – how to lead it, how to deal with problems that are bound to pop up, and […]

Avoiding the Conclusion Trap with Dan Markovitz

This week we chat with my friend, Dan Markovitz. Dan is the author of three books – “A Factory of One” & “Building the Fit Organization” have both won Shingo Prizes, and his recently released third book, “The Conclusion Trap”, will likely win a third. In this episode, Dan and I have a TON of […]