Avoiding the Conclusion Trap with Dan Markovitz

This week we chat with my friend, Dan Markovitz.

Dan is the author of three books – “A Factory of One” & “Building the Fit Organization” have both won Shingo Prizes, and his recently released third book, “The Conclusion Trap”, will likely win a third.

In this episode, Dan and I have a TON of fun. We talk about his new book & laugh – a lot – as we poke fun at ourselves… but Dan also shares what I think are invaluable insights into how organizational cultures are built and sustained. Dan is a self-described “Lean guy”, but he comes at it from a much different perspective than most.

I think Dan’s outlook and approach to Lean are really interesting, which is why I wanted him as a guest on the show so badly. He’s got lots of really cool ideas that I know you’ll all enjoy listening to. Fair warning: there is some mild adult language in this episode. Please enjoy the conversation that I had with my good friend, Dan Markovitz.

Dan’s contact info:

Website: https://www.markovitzconsulting.com/

Book website: https://theconclusiontrap.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/danmarkovitz

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/markovitzconsulting/

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Paul W. Critchley, President & Founder of New England Lean Consulting:

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