Lean Respect for People: Focus on your Strengths and not your Weaknesses with Colleen DelVecchio

This week welcome Colleen DelVecchio to the show!

​​Colleen believes that everyone can be wildly successful if only they focused on being pointy instead of well-rounded. Curious about what that means? So was I!

With over twenty years of experience in higher education leadership, constituent engagement, women’s leadership, organizational change, strategic management, career counseling, and staff development, Colleen has always used a strengths-based leadership model to guide her work. She’s a Gallup certified Clifton Strengths Coach, and holds a BA in Psychology and an MS in Organizational Management & Philanthropy.

In this episode, we talk about focusing on and supporting what we’re good at, versus always getting stressed about trying to be good at everything (i.e. “well-rounded”). I think you’ll see the parallels with RFP and what Colleen does to help people find their best selves at work. It was an amazing conversation!

As always – I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you get something from it! Make it a great week!

Colleen’s contact info:

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Colleen’s Website: https://colleendelvecchio.com/

Colleen’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/colleendelvconsulting/

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