Lean & Operational Excellence

Employee Engagement & Culture Change

Driving Change from the Bottom Up while Aligning Leadership from the Top Down


A true Lean Transformation begins with an organization’s employees, but it must be empowered and supported by leadership. Those on the front lines are the ones best suited to affect the biggest organizational changes since they have the most direct knowledge about how work is truly being performed. By employing our Practical Lean™ approach, the professionals at New England Lean Consulting teach organizations how to open the floodgates of continuous improvement.

Recent Gallup polls show that 67% of employees do not feel engaged at work. That’s 2 out of every 3 workers! Given that, it’s no surprise that 3.5 million Americans quit their job – every month! It’s awfully hard to provide value to your customers when you’re constantly struggling with turnover and all of the wastes that it brings. On average – it takes anywhere from 25-40 days to replace an employee, and costs about 25% of their salary. And that’s just to get a replacement in the door – it doesn’t account for the loss of productivity as that new person gets up to speed.

So what can you do? Short answer: Engage Your Employees

It’s a popular misconception that people resist change. Instead, we like to say that they resist being changed. In other words – the people doing the job every day know the best ways to improve it. We can help you engage those employees, drawing out their great ideas, to help make processes flow better. As their ownership grows, so will their job satisfaction, and so will your business metrics.

We’ll help walk you through the steps of creating a compelling case for change, including developing a vision, encouraging action, and culminating in the adoption of a culture of Continuous Improvement.