Lean & Operational Excellence

3P (Production Preparation Process)

Lean 3P (Production Preparation Process) is not unlike a Kaizen – it’s typically run as an event, and is focused on driving wastes out of a process. When it comes to Lean 3P, though, we take a very in-depth and hands-on approach to design and setup of areas and processes before they’re ever created. As Stephen Covey says in his ground-breaking book “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, we must “Begin with the End in Mind”. Lean 3P fits squarely within this habit.

For those old enough to remember Total Quality Management (TQM), you may remember the “1-10-100 Rule” that illustrates the cost differences between Prevention ($1), Correction ($10) and Failure Costs ($100). Lean 3P fits right along with this idea – fix problems before they occur; before they’re built into a process that becomes difficult (or impossible if it’s a customer- frozen process or PPAP situation) to fix later.

New England Lean 3P events bring cross-functional teams together and take them through a defined process where products are developed alongside of the processes needed to produce them. We ensure that good Design for Manufacture (DFM) practices are kept front-of-mind throughout the whole process as design, manufacturing, quality and operations representatives all have input to the entire process of setting up a successful, long-term solution that will ensure maximum value is delivered to your customers.

3P Case Study